Hire a Prom Car

A rite of passage

The School prom is more than an important date in the calendar, it’s a rite of passage to mark the end of a chapter in the student’s life. It’s a form of ceremony where people dress up and for a few hours they become the focus of attention. ‘Doing it right’ is key – as the lasting impression is important in the mind of the student.

The Prom Car

We know it’s not the most important part of the event, coming somewhere after the outfit, but when it comes to making a first impression as you step out of the vintage limousine, or top end executive saloon, into the eye of the photographer and the other guests, it’s a memory to be cherished. With social media as it is today, the images will probably be spreading throughout the Internet to friends and family as you alight from the car!

Choosing your car is largely a matter of taste, but there are some simple practicalities to consider:

  • Make sure there are enough seats
  • For long, tight dresses consider a modern executive saloon for easy access
  • Allow enough time!

Prom car costs

It’s a fact of life that these things cost money , but we do our best to keep the costs to a minimum and suggest Student’s should share a car with their friends.

To make things easier, we accept Credit cards from Visa, Master Card & American Express.

Get a quote for a Prom car

We have live availability on the site, where you can get an accurate quote for your car. You can also book online but if you want to discuss any of the finer details then give us a call. Click here for a Prom car quote.

We’re insured

With so many people milling around, it’s reassuring to know we are properly insured for both our passengers and public indemnity. It’s a question that should be asked of any company that hires out chauffeur driven classic cars.

We’re organised

No more paper diaries! To manage your booking we use an advance cloud based system that is there to organise us and keep you informed. To ensure there are no misunderstandings, you have your own ‘My Booking’ page where you can check everything is in order for this important day.